Graduate Certificate

Data Scientists and Business Analysts are translational experts, adept at dissecting and interpreting raw data; discovering innovative ways to help companies solve complex business problems, identify opportunities, and grow their bottom line. The Data Science and Business Analytics program at UNC Charlotte merges business intelligence and data science together to create a unique and in-demand degree.  

The program is designed for working professionals with courses in the evening and part-time and full-time options available. The program has two options in terms of starting points, the Graduate Certificate or the Master’s degree in Data Science and Business Analytics. The Graduate Certificate can be pursued as a stand-alone credential, or folded into the Master’s degree.

DSBA Graduate Certificate Requirements

The Graduate Certificate program is comprised of 15 credit hours/5 courses that build foundational and core competencies in Data Science and Analytics.  The GRE/GMAT is not required to apply.  Students enrolled in the Certificate follow the same curriculum as the master’s program and can apply at any time to transition into the degree program.  Up to 15 credit hours of course work can be applied to the DSBA master’s degree.

  • 15 graduate credit hours/5 courses
    • 9 credit hours of required core courses
    • 6 credit hours of elective courses
  • Students applying from the DSBA Graduate Certificate to the DSBA Master’s degree with a 3.5 or higher GPA, can request that the GRE/GMAT requirement be waived. 
  • The Graduate Certificate requires a minimum of 2 semesters to complete. 

Transfer Credits

Up to six hours of approved coursework may be transferred to satisfy the Master degree requirements. Only courses in which the student earned a grade of B or better will be accepted. Graduate credits applied to a previous degree cannot be transferred.