Master of Data Science and Business Analytics

The Data Science and Business Analytics program at UNC Charlotte is the region’s first Professional Science Master's (PSM) level-program developed to prepare the future’s leaders in data science and business analytics. Designed in conjunction with local, regional, and international leaders in the field, our interdisciplinary program is dedicated to providing the skills necessary for success.

Our program offers both a Graduate Certificate and a Master's degree, designed to prepare students for expertise in business, computer and information sciences, and operations research. The M.S. in Data Science and Business Analytics has a proven track record of placing graduates in Fortune 500 companies across various industries, such as financial services, energy, retail, manufacturing, and more! 

What is a Professional Science Master's?

A professional science master's (PSM) is a practitioner’s degree designed for students to pursue cutting-edge research with world-class faculty in STEM disciplines, while also developing practical business skills highly valued by employers. 

PSMs are distinguished from traditional degrees by their active advisory boards and a practicum or internship requirement, connecting students with industry leaders.

Students enrolled in UNC Charlotte’s Data Science and Business Analytics PSM learn from both academic leaders and business practitioners, gaining valuable entrepreneurial skills necessary to advance in the rapidly growing and evolving field of data science. For more information on Professional Science Master's, click here.