Academic Assistantships

SDS Instructional Assistants

Each semester the School of Data Science awards a number of instructional assistantships to support the DSBA, Health Informatics, and undergraduate Data Science academic programs.  Only students enrolled in an SDS program are eligible to apply for SDS-funded assistantships. Instructional assistants are assigned to one or more faculty members to support specific classes or research projects.  Unlike traditional Graduate Assistantships, Instructional Assistants (IA) are paid on an hourly basis, $17.00 per hour.    

  • A full-time appointment for an Instructional Assistant(IA) is 20 hours per week
  • A half-time appointment for an Instructional Assistant(IA) is 10 hours per week 
  • Awards are for one semester but may be extended at the discretion of the program
  • IA appointments do not come with a tuition remission


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must be enrolled in an SDS graduate program
  • Students funded through the SDS program may enroll in a maximum of 9 credit hours while holding a full-time appointment (20 hours)
  • In-state, out-of-state, and international students are eligible to apply
  • Current and newly admitted students are eligible to apply
  • Enrolled in the DSBA, Health Informatics, or Data Science undergraduate program

Additional information can be found on the Graduate School's website and on UNC Charlotte's Human Resources website

How and When to Apply

The application portal opens the first week of October for Spring assistantships and the first week of March for Summer and Fall Assistantships. Once the application portal is open, it will stay open throughout the semester. The application is an online electronic form that allows applicants to highlight skills, note their preferences, and upload both a cover letter and resume.

Interested students should apply by completing the SDS Instructional Assistantship Application form below. Submitted applications will be reviewed and candidates interviewed and selected by the faculty. Students will be notified if additional information is needed or if they have been selected for a position. The application for Spring/Summer 2022 Graduate Assistantships is available now:

Summer/Fall 2022: Apply Here

Additional Funding Resources

The Graduate School offers information on graduate assistantships beyond the SDS, need and merit-based awards, and payment plans on their website.  The Career Center also posts open TA and RA positions HERE.