Tuition Increment

Graduate students enrolled in the DSBA and HIA programs are charged a special School Based Tuition Increment (SBTI). This is an additional per-term assessment based on the number of enrolled credit hours each semester. Early Entry students will not be assessed SBTI or graduate fees while dually enrolled. More information can be found on the Niner Central website.

Graduate students enrolled in dual degree programs may initially be billed tuition increments for both programs. However, SDS and our partner programs have agreed to waive one of the increments per term. Students are responsible for contacting the appropriate program to request a waiver for one of the tuition increments each semester, ideally at the time of registration.

After we forward the waiver request to student accounts, the charges for both increments will remain on the student’s account until the add/drop deadline has passed, but the student’s registration will not be dropped for nonpayment of the waived amount.

Please contact the Director with questions related to the SBTI.