School of Data Science Student Spotlight: Yash Patel

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As we approach graduation, this is an excellent time to highlight one of the School of Data Science’s graduate students: Yash Patel.

Yash has had many memorable experiences as a student of UNC Charlotte throughout six years of his educational journey. While earning his undergraduate degree in International Business at Charlotte, he participated as a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. One could always find his name on the dean’s list, as he took his studies very seriously.

Fast forward to May of 2022, when Yash will receive his master’s degree in Data Science and Business Analytics. “The reason I chose this degree is due to my passion of telling the story behind data and uncovering answers to questions hidden within,” Patel said. He has enjoyed taking a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of data science while obtaining hands-on experience and building lasting friendships with his classmates. The School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte has been specifically beneficial by having like-minded students in a setting where one can not only gain knowledge, but also be allowed to make mistakes and grow from them.

Yash will be leaving UNC Charlotte with fond memories of his courses, specifically Analytical Storytelling. “This course is not only enjoyable but also gives me the ability to learn how to tell the story behind the data. Also, it has helped me prepare and build those presentation skills that are crucial in today’s job market.”

He also leaves with fond memories of Professor Thompson, who made the largest impact on his education. She assigned hands-on projects that demonstrated how data impacts a company’s performance. “Since that moment I have chosen the path of Data Science. I have been able to take a few more classes with her during my time at UNC Charlotte and they have all been wonderful, and I always leave the semester feeling more confident in my ability to code.”

Yash could not be more excited for what the future holds. Currently employed as an intern in T&D Data Analytics at Electric Power Research Institute, he plans to continue working full time while enjoying the break from studying. His dream job as a data scientist would involve the opportunity to learn and grow. “ I am always trying to learn something new from a broad spectrum, including everything from coding language to knitting, so being able to do this in a company really makes it stand out in my eyes”, Patel said. The ideal role would also be at a company where the culture allows for meaningful connections to be made, as he describes himself as a “social butterfly”.

Along with focusing on academics, Yash has held the role of Student Council President at the School of Data Science. He has been responsible for organizing several student events, such as the first annual homecoming tailgate, alumni networking events, and the upcoming “picnic in the park” where students and their families will relax outside with lunch, music and games at the Hauser Alumni Pavilion.

Like most college students, Yash enjoys spending time off campus in the South End section of Charlotte. There is always something exciting going on, whether it be the nightlife or an indulgent trip to his favorite ice cream shop Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. “Nothing like a nice double-stacked ice cream cone to make my day even better.” He also enjoys traveling, painting, hiking, and spontaneous adventures with friends.

We wish Yash the best of luck as he graduates the School of Data Science in just a few short weeks!