Students should bring a copy of the syllabus to the first class meeting of each course. Links are provided to PDF's of syllabi below. If the syllabus you are looking for is not currently posted, check this page again later, or contact your instructor.

Course Syllabus Instructor Term
DSBA 5122 Visual Analytics _ Storytelling Chase Alexander Romano Fall 2022
DSBA 6156 Applied Machine Learning Cory Alan Hefner Fall 2022
DSBA-5122 Visual Analytics _ Storytelling WenWenDou Fall 2022
DSBA-6100 Big Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage Daryl Blaine Nashold Fall 2022
DSBA-6156-Applied Machine Learning Depeng Xu Fall 2022
DSBA-6160 Database Systems for Data Scientists Pamela L. Thompson Fall 2022
DSBA-6160 Database Systems for Data Scientists Stephen D Rohrer Fall 2022
DSBA-6160-Database Systems for Data Scientists Liyue Fan Fall 2022
DSBA-6201-Business Intelligence and Analytics Chandrasekar Subramaniam Fall 2022
DSBA-6201-Business Intelligence and Analytics SungJune Park Fall 2022
DSBA-6201Business Intelligence and Analytics Monica Surinder Johar Fall 2022
DSBA-6211Advanced Business Analytics Kexin Zhao Fall 2022
DSBA-6276-Strategic Business Analytics Shaoyin Du Fall 2022
DSBA-6276Strategic Business Analytics Bradley Edward Williams Fall 2022
DSBA-6400-Internship Douglas Charles Hague Fall 2022

Business Analytics

Business Analytics
Course Syllabus Instructor Term
DSBA-6112-Graduate Econometrics Lisa Rose Schulkind Fall 2022
DSBA-6122-Decision Modeling and Analysis Xiuli He Fall 2022
DSBA-6208-Supply Chain Management Xiuli He Fall 2022

Data Science

Data Science
Course Syllabus Instructor Term
DSBA-6162-Knowledge Discovery in Databases Zbigniew W Ras Fall 2022
DSBA-6165-Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Albert Park Fall 2022
DSBA-6190 Cloud Computing for Data Analysis Sabyasachi Gupta Fall 2022
DSBA-6520 Network Science Siddharth Krishnan Fall 2022

Special Topics

Special Topics
Course Syllabus Instructor Term
DSBA-6115-Statistical Learning with Big Data Jiancheng Jiang Fall 2022